A New World for ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ stars and writers

With the premiere of “Star Trek Discovery” now underway, the series is now in the middle of its seventh season.

But it’s still only in its early days, and there’s still a lot to be seen and heard about.

Here’s a look at some of the cast members and stars of the series.1.

Benedict CumberbatchAs Kirk’s father, Cumberbatch has made a name for himself as the best-known actor of the show’s cast.

He also stars in “Sherlock,” the forthcoming second season of the British crime drama series, and “Game of Thrones,” which premiered on HBO in April.

He is also set to play the lead role in the forthcoming HBO comedy “Mr. Robot,” which premieres in March.

In addition, Cumberbegs first major role was as James Bond in “The World Is Not Enough,” the James Bond films.2.

Justin TherouxAs Commander T’Pol, Theroux plays the commanding officer of the USS Discovery.

He has played both Starfleet and Starfleet Command in the films, as well as various other roles.

He most recently played the leader of the Resistance in the new HBO series “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.”3.

J.J. AbramsAs the new showrunner, Abrams is a veteran of Star Trek, making his directorial debut in 2004’s “Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.”

He has also directed “Star wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi,” which was directed by J. J., and “Star vs. the Forces of Evil,” which is directed by Tim Burton.

Abrams also helmed the 2009 film “Star Citizen,” which stars Chris Pratt and Bradley Cooper.4.

James FrainAs Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Sisko on the Discovery.

The character has been played by various actors, from John Cho to Kevin Spacey, but Frain is the first actor to receive the role, which was originally going to go to Benedict Cumberbrough.5.

Rachael TaylorAs Captain Janeway, Taylor plays the captain of the Enterprise, a crew of scientists that has taken over the ship and is attempting to conquer a mysterious planet.

She was also previously played by Anna Gunn in the film “Empire Strikes Back.”6.

Zachary QuintoAs Commander Riker on the USS Voyager.

In the first season, Quinto played the character of Captain Picard, and in the next, he played the role of the Klingon general.

He will next be seen in the upcoming sequel to the Star Trek: Enterprise, “Starfinder.”7.

Jason Isaacs as Captain Janus on the Star Voyager.

Isaacs, who played the Klingon commander in the original “Star,” has also been cast as a recurring role on “The 100,” a CBS sci-fi series.

He was also featured in the “Twilight Saga” films.8.

Jason Mitchell as the Captain Janek in “StarTrek: Discovery.”

Mitchell played Captain Picard’s brother, the captain on the original series.9.

Sophie Turner as Lt.

Janeway in “Starship Troopers.”

Turner was the first female to be cast as the lead in the series, playing Janeway.

She is currently playing a recurring character in the TV series “The Originals.”10.

Anthony Rapp as Captain Picard in “Captain America: Civil War.”

Rapp was originally cast as Romulan general, Captain Benjamin Sotiropoulos, but he later switched to the character as a Starfleet officer.11.

John Cho as Admiral James T. Kirk in “Taken.”

Cho has appeared in the feature films “The Last Jedi” and “Captain Marvel,” as well.12.

James Cromwell as Admiral Scott T. Beamer in “Legion.”

Cromwell played the lead on the NBC sitcom “The Jeffersons,” as an engineer in the late 1990s.

He currently stars as a pilot in the television series “Vinyl.”13.

Sam Worthington as Captain Archer in “Archer.”

Worthingtons first recurring role as Archer was in the 1997 TV series, “The X-Files.”14.

Michael K. Williams as Lieutenant Commander Rikers on the Enterprise.

Williams is also currently in the news for his role as the head of the Starfleet Command Medical Department.15.

Michael Cudlitz as Commander Roddenberry on the TV show “Star Treks.”

He was a recurring recurring character on the “Star trek” series from the mid-1980s to the early 2000s.16.

Jason Alexander as Commander Worf in “C.S.I.”.

on “Star-Trek.”

Alexander is also known for his roles in “Friday Night Lights,” “Lost,” “The Good Wife,” “True Blood,” “Dexter,” and “The Mentalist.”17.

William Shatner as Commander Spock on the television show “Spock.”

Shatners first role

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