Costa’s Coca Cola Coffee Company’s Coffee Bean Is Coming to China

The latest in the long-running rivalry between Coca-Cola Co. and Costa’s Costa Coffee, which has produced coffee beans for over 50 years.

Costa Coffee is set to launch its first coffee beans in China on September 15.

Costa announced last year that it would begin manufacturing in China after a partnership with Chinese company Dalian Wanda Group Co. Ltd.

in 2015.

Costa said at the time that its coffee beans were coming from a single plantation, and that the beans will be harvested locally in China.

Costa has made a name for itself in China for its quality coffee beans.

It has more than 7,000 stores across China, as well as a flagship cafe in Beijing.

The company’s founder, Cristiano Costa, told Business Insider in an email that the company’s focus will be on the global market.

“We are committed to serving our customers the freshest, highest quality coffee, and we are always striving to develop our local workforce,” he said.

Costa recently launched a new coffee line in China, and will launch a second line of coffee beans by the end of the year.

The Costa Coffee Company said in a statement that it will not stop sourcing coffee beans locally.

“As an industry leader, we have a long history of sourcing from farmers in countries like Brazil and Colombia, and Costa has a strong commitment to sourcing only locally grown coffee from the very best countries,” Costa Coffee’s president, Ana Maria Carrasco, said in the statement.

Costa’s CEO, Fernando Gómez-Tocco, told the AP news agency that the coffee beans would not be used for the new line, which will start production later this year.

Costa currently makes more than 500 million cups of coffee annually, and employs over 6,000 people.

Costa launched its first espresso coffee beans two decades ago, and has produced about a billion cups of beans since then.

The new line will feature Costa’s own beans, along with local ingredients like cacao nibs, to help it make its coffee taste fresher.

Costa CEO Fernand Góma said the new coffee will be brewed from Costa’s original beans, and the company will also produce its own roasted coffee beans, as it did in its last espresso bean line.

Costa will also introduce an espresso line in the next year, with a blend of coffee made from Costa beans, roasted in Costa’s coffee mill, and espresso beans that have been made with Costa beans.

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