How the first Ebola outbreak in Africa is changing the world

The first outbreak of Ebola in West Africa is turning a country into a global power, with coffee farmers in Ethiopia setting new records for the number of farms in the region that are producing the deadly virus. 

According to Reuters, Ethiopia’s coffee production hit a new record of 17.7 million metric tons last month, breaking the previous record of 16.6 million metric ton set in July 2015.

Ethiopia’s total production is expected to hit 3.7 billion metric tons by the end of this year, up from 2.5 billion metric ton in 2015. 

The country’s coffee is the most fertile in Africa, with the production of the country’s most productive regions. 

Ethiopia’s coffee farms have a total annual production of over 10 million metric tonnes. 

It is estimated that the country has a total coffee production of 8.5 million metric metric tons. 

Currently, the country is the world’s largest producer of coffee beans.

The Ethiopian Coffee Association estimates that Ethiopia’s export value of coffee exports to China alone is around $20 billion. 

Despite Ethiopia’s high coffee production, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the outbreak has spread to Ethiopia’s main export markets of China, Russia, and Kazakhstan. 

On Tuesday, WHO released a statement stating that Ethiopia is now at a “high risk of further outbreak of this new strain of Ebola.” 

Ethio-Uganda President Oromia Ogawa, in a speech in Kampala, Uganda, warned that there are “tens of thousands” of new cases of the virus, with a total of 4,300 deaths. 

Ogawa also warned that Ethiopia faces “a serious risk of the outbreak spreading to other countries in Africa.”

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