How to brew your own coffee (and what to avoid)

A few years ago, I started using the term “cold brew” in my everyday conversations to describe a coffee that I had recently brewed.

The term itself was a bit misleading, as it was a cold brew (which is brewed with hot water) that I’d brewed with coffee syrup.

However, I still felt comfortable using the word “cold” to describe my brew, since that’s what I typically used to describe the coffee that was in the carton when I was buying it.

So, I decided to make a coffee syrup version. 

This version of coffee coffee, which I call Coffee Espresso, uses only water for the first 5 minutes of the brew. 

It has a rich chocolate flavor and a mild kick. 

Café Espresso is a great way to use up leftover coffee, or just get to know coffee in a new way. 

If you have a cup of coffee left over from a day’s worth of brewing, you can still enjoy a good cup of hot coffee with a good shot of coffee. 

 Cup 1.9 oz Kombucha Coffee 1.2 oz Caffeinated Cream 3.8 oz Bag of Cream 4 oz Mocha Coffee 5 oz Taro 6 oz Pecan 7 oz Chocolate 8 oz Blackcurrant 1 oz Strawberry 2 oz Chocolate 3 oz Blueberry 4oz Blackberry 5oz Apple 5.5 oz Green Tea 5 1/2 oz Vanilla Bean 6.5 2.5oz Green Tea 3.8oz Vanilla Bean 5.5 ounces Vanilla Bean 8oz Vanilla Beans 3.5 times per week. 

Mixed Coffee  Melt a cup or two of water and add a few drops of cacao powder, cacao nibs, cacoylates, or other extracts of the cacao plant.

Fill a cup with water, add a couple drops of vanilla extract, and shake.

Add a little coffee, stir and enjoy!

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