How to buy coca in Colombia

A Colombian farmer in a small village says his crops are in trouble.

He’s the owner of the only coffee farm in the village, and it’s not easy to make a profit in the market.

The Colombian government has recently cut coffee production by half, and many farmers are afraid to sell their crops, or face criminal prosecution.

“The Colombian government said that they were going to stop coffee production, but they haven’t done anything,” says Fernando Lopez.

Lopez is the co-owner of the Coffee Farm in Cauca, a small town in the Amazon rainforest.

“I have been trying to make money from my crops for almost 20 years,” he says.

“They have been making coffee in my village for a long time.

They have even paid me for the coffee I sell.

They even paid my rent.

Now, it’s almost impossible.”

The Colombian coffee industry has been in a state of collapse since President Juan Manuel Santos launched a campaign to reduce the country’s coffee production.

This year, Colombia’s government cut its production by 30 percent.

In the last two years, the government has slashed taxes and slashed subsidies to the private sector.

The impact has been devastating.

According to a recent report by the UN Office for Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Colombia’s coffee market is now worth only $1.3 billion.

A major reason for the drop in production has been the steep price increase for coffee beans.

In 2017, the Colombian government cut the price of a cup of coffee from $4 to $2.60.

Today, the price is $1,200.

That means the price for a cup now costs roughly $4.60 more than it did two years ago.

The result is that many Colombian farmers are losing money, and the prices of their crops are dropping.

Colombia’s economic situation has worsened dramatically.

According the UNODC, between 2014 and 2019, the rate of increase in prices for coffee in Colombia increased by 33 percent.

The rate of inflation, meanwhile, increased by 40 percent from 5.8 percent in 2014 to 6.5 percent in 2019.

And the country is now in the midst of a political crisis, with Santos facing impeachment and a possible military takeover.

The political situation has created a huge hole in Colombia’s economy.

“We have lost everything we have, our coffee, our land, our culture, everything,” says Lopez.

“There’s no money, no land, no money,” he adds.

“It’s a huge shock.

If they are going to do something to us, they will come and kill us.”

For Lopez, this is not a new situation.

“In Colombia we used to sell our coffee every year, but now we have to sell it every two weeks,” he explains.

“You can’t find coffee here anymore, and when you can’t buy coffee, you sell coffee.”

The economic crisis has also affected the livelihood of millions of farmers.

“For the last three years, I have lost over 300 kilos of coffee,” Lopez says.

For him, the current situation is worse than the coffee crisis, but not as bad as the coffee price.

“If you compare Colombia’s current situation to other places that have experienced a crisis in the last years, it is not that bad,” he said.

“Now that I have this money, I’m going to sell the land I have, and go to another area to make more money. “

Right now, we are at the point where we don’t have any money, we can’t sell our crops, we have no land and we can only sell coffee,” he continued.

“Now that I have this money, I’m going to sell the land I have, and go to another area to make more money.

I’m not going to stay here, I can’t stay here anymore.”

The government says it is working to restore the situation in Colombia, but the reality is that the country will likely never be the same.

“Colombia’s coffee crisis is still a long way from being resolved,” said Colombian President Juan Carlos Varela.

“With a new president in office, we will see a more sustainable and sustainable economy,” he added.

“But we are facing a crisis that will never be resolved.”

The UNODI report estimates that the situation for Colombian farmers is so dire that they are considering leaving the country.

“These are the people that are suffering the most,” says Miguel Perales, an assistant professor at the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Policy at the University of the Andes in Bogota.

“This is a problem of the past, but it’s very, very real.”

Colombia’s National Institute of Statistics and Analysis, which is responsible for overseeing Colombia’s statistical system, has said that more than 90 percent of the country has lost access to the statistics and statistics agencies, which means that most people have no way of knowing how much their taxes and fees are going up.

“Without statistics, it will be impossible to make decisions, especially about the economy,” said Ricardo Rodriguez

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