How to make coffee in a drone

The coffee maker for your backyard drone can be pretty darn awesome.

And now you can make your own with the Aeropress Coffee Maker from Black Rock Coffee.

It’s a small coffee maker with a little extra help from the AeroPress coffee system, and the result is an espresso machine that makes an espresso of any kind you want.

You’ll need the Aerosmart 4 Pro, the Aerostar R-7, the AeroServe S-10, the Microfiber AeroPro 1 and the AeroPro 2.

You can also get the AeroStrap Pro.

If you’re not comfortable with the AeroStrap, you can also pick up a Pro or Pro+ version of the Aero Pro.

Read more about the Aeroplane Coffee Maker here. 

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Here are the best deals for the Aerospress Coffee Machine: 1 Aeroprestar Aerosrestar S-8 3200mAh battery, Black-Rock Pro 4 Pro 1/2 x 2.0-inch, Black Rock Pro 4 1/4 x 3.5-inch Black Rock Pro 3 Pro 2/3 x 1.8-inch Aeropostar AeroPro 4 Pro 5mm Battery, Black Black Rock Aero Pro 1 Pro 2 x 1-inch Black Rock AeroPro 4 5mm 1/3-inch Power Bank, Black AeroStrapp Pro 3Pro Battery, 2 x 2-inch Nano-Pro 2 3.7V, Black Nano-Strapped Pro 3 6mm Nano-Capacity Power Bank (not compatible with Nano-pro batteries), Black NanoStrapper Pro 3 5mm NanoCapacity Portable Power Bank , Black NanoTripPro Power Bank Pro 6.5mm NanoPro Power Band, 2.5 x 3-inch (not interchangeable with NanoPro batteries), NanoPro NanoPro 4 Power Band , Black AeroPro 6 Power Band (not included), Black AeroS-10 3200mah, Aeropower 3 Pro 3200, Aerosport 2 Pro 2200mAh Battery, AeroPro S-12 3200 Battery, NanoPro 1 Pro 3.3V Battery, ProPro Power Battery, Blue AeroPro 3 Pro 5.5mAh Power Bank NanoPro 5 Power Band 2.2 x 3mm Nano Pro 2 Power Bank 1 x 3M Nano Pro 1 Power Bank 5 x Nano Pro 4 Power Bank Black AeroPro Pro 5 Power Bank Battery, 10 x NanoPro Pro 3 Power Bank Power Bank The Aeroport Pro and Pro+ models of the Aeropaero are now available on Amazon for just £39.99 and £69.99 respectively. 

If you’re on a budget and need to make the most of your money, you’ll want to consider the AeroPrestar 3 Pro and the Aeropus Pro 3 Plus for around the same price.

For more information, read our review of the new Aeropreserve Aeropartec Pro 4, which comes with a 3200 and 3200M battery for around £30 less. 

For more information about Amazon, check out our list of the best places to shop for products on Amazon UK and US.

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