Walmart’s Ninja Coffee Maker Gets A New Design

By James FarrarWalmart has introduced a new coffee maker in the US.

The new Ninja Coffee maker features a compact design that fits in your coffee bag, and it’s $14.99.

Its a cheaper version of its previous model, the Ninja Portable.

The coffee maker features two coffee filters, and a built-in espresso machine.

The Ninja Portable is available for $99.99, but the Ninja Coffee comes with a built in espresso machine, too.

The Ninja Coffee uses a simple ceramic base that can be cleaned and reused.

“This is a new concept for us in that we have an innovative design with a very simple design, a very clean and simple design,” said Mark Rippin, Walmart’s chief marketing officer for retail.

“And with that, we are bringing it to people who would have previously not been able to afford a coffee maker.”

Rippin says the Ninja coffee maker is the company’s answer to the popular coffee pods, which are a big deal for consumers.

He said the coffee maker uses a ceramic base, and can be washed, reused and cleaned again.

Walmart’s Coffee Maker is one of a number of new coffee makers on the market.

Last year, the company announced it was introducing its own coffee makers, which will be called “Coffee Machines” and cost $99 each.

Rippins company has also started selling coffee pods at retail stores, and Walmart is planning to offer its own pods for $10 a pack later this year.

Rippins new coffee machines have a smaller footprint, and have smaller filters.

They’re also cheaper to make, but Ripps coffee makers come with an espresso machine that can handle up to 3,000 cups of coffee per day.

Amazon, which also makes the Coffee Maker, says the Coffee Machine has a capacity of 2,000 to 3 and a half cups.

Riddell’s Coffee Machine is also on sale at Walmart, but is not part of Walmart’s new line of coffee makers.

According to Walmart, the coffee makers cost $14 per month.

The company said that they have been sold to over 2 million people.

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