Why coffee is so good for you

Coffee, it seems, is everywhere.

From restaurants to bars to coffee shops, coffee is a must-have.

But, what is coffee?

And how does it affect your health?

The answers can be found in a new infographic that is titled “Coffee’s Health Benefits.”

The infographic was created by an MIT Media Lab group called the Health, Life, and Technology Lab, which has developed a tool to help researchers understand how different health factors interact with caffeine.

The tool was created to track the health effects of different foods and drinks, and the results are not only pretty, but informative.

The infographic shows that coffee, coffee table, coffee, and espresso are the most popular beverages, followed by tea and water.

Coffee and coffee table drinks are the second most popular, followed closely by teas and iced coffee.

The most popular drinks are made with sugar, which is the most common sugar used in the beverage.

But tea is the least popular, at just 1.3% of all drinks.

The infographic also shows that many people consume more than one type of coffee, especially women.

Women consumed 2.2 cups of coffee per day, which was the most of any group, and they consumed more than 2 cups of tea per day.

But the most important takeaway from the infographic is that most people are getting enough coffee.

Coffees are good for your health.

The chart below shows the health benefits of different coffee drinks, as well as how many cups per day people consumed.

This infographic is only part of a larger project by the Health Lab that aims to help scientists better understand the health impacts of food, drink, and exercise.

The team is working to better understand how coffee affects our bodies.

The health lab’s new tool is the first step in a much bigger project, which will focus on nutrition and disease prevention. 

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